School Curriculum

The Curriculum is planned to deliver a broad and balanced experience through the seven years of primary school.

Great care is taken to develop the thinking and experiences of the children so that they become learners who have achieved their highest possible standard in preparation for secondary school. Parents have full access to planning in discussion with teachers at meetings in September and by request with class teachers.

The Curriculum offered during the day is greatly enhanced by a wide variety of clubs which extend opportunities and encourage the children to develop individual skills and talents, try new challenges, achieve awards, e.g. cycling proficiency, writers club, swimming, football and athletics. Many children compete in teams or represent the school in a variety of events, e.g. science challenge, basketball, netball, etc.

The Curriculum is further enhanced by a wide variety of visiting experts, artists, writers, dancers, sportsmen and women. Theatre groups, musicians, historians, scientists and others are invited into the school to work with classes so that children can engage in direct experiences which stimulate curiosity and ideas.

Residentials are arranged from Years 3 to 6, giving the children a variety of opportunities and experiences which gives the work in school greater depth and understanding and develops individual personal and social education.